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Important - When Facing A Calamity

Prepare a tool box
You need to gather together various items to aid you when calamity happens.

By doing this you will ensure your readiness should calamity happen

Be ready to get out
Set the procedures for getting out should calamity happen at home or office

Just as we have a set procedure in the event of fire we should set the parameters for other calamitous situations in the same way


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Let's keep this brief and simply list what you are about to learn in this new e-Book.

  • How to manage when calamity happens.
    During a calamity, things can get chaotic and confusing. In this chapter information is provided to try and ease the confusion you may experience during this time. Learn all about this in chapter 6.

  • Learn how to prepare for these most common calamities.
    There are many different types of disasters that may occur. Whilst a disaster can happen anywhere, some areas are more prone to a particular type of disaster than others. This chapter provides a list of the more common disasters that happen in most places and how you can effectively deal with them.

  • How to deal with an evacuation.
    A common emergency procedure we frequently put into place is that of evacuation. In the event that an evacuation is necessary, knowing procedures and having a plan ahead of time will ensure you are prepared and able to remain calm and in control, able to handle the situation. Learn all about this in chapter 4.

  • How to be prepared for anything that is thrown your way in a disaster.
    There are many ways in which to effectively plan for an emergency situation in order to ensure you are well prepared for the event. Maximising your level of organization will ultimately result in effectively responding to an emergency situation and will hopefully aid in decreasing the damage caused by a disaster.

  • And a lot more!


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